Customer Satisfaction

Results of the customer satisfaction survey - 2020

In November 2020, we asked our customers about their satisfaction with PRG.
On behalf of the entire PRG, we would like to thank all participants who were taking part.

We are enormously proud and overwhelmed by the positive feedback and would like to thank you for the trust, placed in us.
We would like to briefly present the most important results to you here:

Recommendation to
Business partners

Rate der Weiterempfehlungen

Fulfillment of product expectation

Erfüllung der Produkterwartung

Consulting and solution competence

Beratungs- bzw. Lösungskompetenz

General collaboration


Flexibility to respond to customer requests

Flexibilität auf Kundenwünsche einzugehen

1 = very satisfied/likely; 2 = satisfied; 3 = tendency satisfied; 4 = tendency dissatisfied; 5 = dissatisfied; 6 = very dissatisfied/unlikely
N = 50
* based on the rating likely or very likely


Nevertheless, the survey has shown us that we have room for improvement in one or two areas.
We are already working on addressing these points better in the future and fulfilling them to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

We are looking forward to a continued good cooperation with all those who participated in this survey!